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Job - Related Academic Skills

Job-related academic skills are needed to function well at work and to meet standards for employment. Many occupations require workers to file incident reports, process money payments or access the Internet, and these tasks involve skills in writing, math and computers. Academic assessments are available, as these programs have targeted goals and time frames. See here for more info on adult programs.

Occupational Writing, Reading, and Math
Adults often worry that their basic skills are too low to upgrade. Individualized instruction is an excellent way to help students begin to believe they can reach their goals, and to see their progress over a short time period.

Essential Skills
Essential skills are the academic skills needed to function well at work, and to adapt to future changes in the workplace. We offer programs for all occupational groups.

Occupational Courses and Tests
Industry courses such as those found in transportation, security and the service sector are usually short-term and require students to meet standards in English and math. We offer programs to prepare for all occupational courses and tests.

Apprenticeship Exams
We help prepare adults to write the official government exams needed to obtain licences in trades such as carpentry, welding and Red Seal Certification.

Institutional Training Entrance Tests
Institutions sometimes require students to pass tests to demonstrate their suitability for training in arts- or technology-related fields. Emphasis is usually on arithmetic calculations, algebra, reading comprehension and writing.

Professional Exams - Police and Fire Fighters
Candidates for these professions must perform well on these exams, which measure academic skills (science, writing, reading comprehension) and non-academic skills (deductive reasoning, spatial location, memory).

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