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Adult Learners

Adult learners want upgrading programs that are taught by experienced teachers, and that are focused on the academic skills they need the most. Our individualized programs are ideal for adults who are presently taking courses, upgrading their skills, or seeking training in computer-related areas. Academic assessments are also available. (See here for more info on job-related programs)

Basic Skills - Writing, Reading, and Math
Adult students are often surprised at how quickly they can upgrade their basic skills. Our teachers have many years experience working with adult students in basic reading, writing and math. With an open mind towards learning and a commitment to practicing new skills, good results can be achieved in a short time period.

Prep for High School Courses
We help students review academic skills and learn the study techniques needed for success. We target the skills that are needed for specific high school courses in math, writing and the sciences.

Prep for College and University
Before entering post-secondary programs, adults need to ensure that they have the necessary math, science and English skills, and the study skills to learn well in class and at home.

The GED is recognized as the standard for Grade 12 equivalency. Our instruction focuses on key concepts for each subject, targeted practice and home study materials. Many students can pass the GED in 3 6 months. Extra practice materials with answer keys can be provided.

Distance Courses
We offer help with distance courses of all types high school correspondence courses, on-line courses, college courses, science or technical communications, industry courses and university-level courses.

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