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Computer Skills

It is an advantage to learn basic computer skills within an individualized program. Questions can be answered without delay and frustrations avoided. Our method is hands-on, with the student controlling the keyboard and mouse at all times. We offer both Windows and Mac operating systems, keyboarding, Internet, email and more.

MS Office:  Word, EXCEL, PowerPoint, Outlook
It is common today for students and employees to be required to have a knowledge of Word, EXCEL, PowerPoint and Outlook. We offer individualized instruction that includes lots of time for hands-on practice with feedback – a fast and enjoyable way to learn MS Office programs.

AutoCAD® Help
Many college programs require coursework in AutoCAD. We offer help with the basics of AutoCAD on your own computer (interface, 2-D drawings, object snaps and more). Voice recognition with AutoCAD is also available, which eliminates the keyboard and allows for “drawing with your voice”.

Dragon Naturally Speaking© (Voice Recognition)
Voice recognition software is used to transform speech into written text on a computer  – instantly and accurately. Programs such as Dragon Naturally Speaking© are growing in popularity with adults who suffer from, or who wish to prevent, repetitive strain injuries. It is also being used by people to write faster emails, navigate the Internet by voice, and write essays in school (voice recognition is three times as fast as typing). We offer training in the use of voice recognition at home, at work and in school. All training and technical support can be done remotely (over the Internet) if necessary.  See More Information Here!

Technical Support
We offer installation of MS Office and other application software programs. Technical support is always available for hardware and software problems, including Windows and Mac operating systems, email programs, the Internet, printers and headsets. All tech support can be done remotely (over the Internet) if necessary.

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