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Our Philosophy For Teaching Math

Our math programs have proven successful over many years because students respond well to our approach.

We ask students the right questions and listen to what they say to us. They may be confused about algebra or worried about recent test results. We work carefully through initial problems so that we can see where (and why) they are having difficulties. We teach key concepts slowly at the start, and give practice questions at just the right level, and with lots of support. We then guide students toward mastery by giving them opportunities to solve a wide variety of math problems on their own. Experience shows that this approach allows students to develop the confidence to learn math well now, and in the future.

Even with widespread use of calculators today, a good grounding in the basics (place value, whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percent) is necessary for problem solving and science-related calculations later.

Algebra can be intimidating for students. We start with beginning concepts and work through equation solving, trigonometry and beyond. Particular attention is paid to algebra skills needed for the sciences.

Students frequently fail calculus because of poor algebra skills. We help students improve their algebra, understand the key ideas of calculus and work through problems types. We also offer extra practice materials.

Math Problem Solving
When solutions to math problem don’t come easy, students need to follow a good problem solving process. We show students how to visualize problems, how to take them one step at a time, and how to self-check at the right places.

Math Calculators
We offer instruction to develop the required proficiency with graphing calculators, scientific calculators, metric conversion calculators and business math calculators.

Study Skills for Math
Study skills such as correcting daily assignments, using example questions when doing homework, keeping track of confusing problem types and studying for tests are key for math courses. In today’s classroom, effective use of school websites and Internet resources is also required.

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