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Our Philosophy for Teaching the Sciences

Our approach to teaching physics and chemistry is simple and effective. We check to see that students have the necessary basic skills, review the math topics needed for the sciences, emphasize the problem solving process and teach study skills that are important for these subjects.

Getting good marks in physics requires four things – understanding the key ideas of physics, visualizing problem situations, following an effective problem-solving process, and performing math calculations correctly. Our instruction emphasizes these skills, and extra practice materials with solution keys are provided.

Instruction focuses on the understanding of key chemistry concepts and terms, problem solving, and the math skills required for calculations. Extra practice materials with solution keys are provided.

Study Skills for Science
Study skills such as correcting daily assignments, using example questions when doing homework, and keeping track of confusing problem types are key for physics and chemistry courses. In today’s classroom, effective use of school websites and Internet resources is also required.

Prep for Physics and Chemistry Courses
High school and college courses in chemistry and physics require competence in basic science topics. Instruction includes metric measurement, formulas, scientific notation, problem solving and science-related math skills.

Scientific Calculators
We offer instruction to develop the required proficiency with scientific calculators and metric conversion calculators.

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