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Study Skills

Our Philosophy For Teaching Study Skills

We believe that instruction in study skills should build on students’ learning preferences as much as possible. We introduce students to new strategies for learning, give them opportunities for practice and feedback, and include course materials from school. We offer study skills at all levels, including college and university programs.

Preparing for Tests and Exams
Tests are all about answering questions. We teach students how to study the most important materials, how to ask themselves the right questions, and how to maximize their test results.

Academic Reading
Students get tired of reading (and re-reading!) textbooks and understanding little. We show them strategies that work with textbooks and teacher handouts, and give them opportunities to practice techniques so that learning from academic material becomes routine.

Planning Study Routines
Good study routines enable students to feel that they are in control of their learning. We teach sound principles of planning that help students keep up with course assignments and plan around out-of-class responsibilities.

Lecture Note Taking
It’s not easy to know what to write during lectures. We show students how to make lecture notes that increases their learning in class, and helps them to study their notebooks effectively.

Study Skills for Math and Science
Study skills such as correcting daily homework assignments, using example questions when doing homework, and keeping track of confusing problem types are key for math and science courses. In today’s classroom, effective use of school websites and Internet resources is also required.

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