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"Without your help, getting ready for the grade 12 math exam would have been much harder – I scored 85% and I’m looking forward to taking Calculus next year." (high school math student)

"I am not scared of problem solving in physics now – even if a question is hard, I know once I get started I can take it one step at a time." (Gr. 11 physics student)

"Until I learned to read books at Foundations, I didn't feel like I was a "real" reader..." (adult literacy student)

"No one ever really showed me how to write an essay properly – now I use outlines all the time, even on my exams!" (Gr. 12 English student)

"Thank you for helping my grade 8 son learn to write well – he now feels ready to write essays next year." (mother of gr. 8 student)

"All the study skills I learned at Foundations I used in my first year of Civil Technology – people in my class asked me for copies of my notes!" (adult student)

"I am sending you my grad photo from my school in Texas – my SAT score was 1520 and I start University in September!" (SAT prep student)

"The thought of learning computer skills on-line over the Internet was scary at first, but after the first session I knew I could do it." (adult learner returning to work)

"I feel like Dragon Naturally Speaking© (voice recognition) gave me my life back…I’m now working overtime at the same job that I was off on compensation for a year, and no problems with my injury." (employee with wrist injury)

"Thank you for giving me the support I never had before, and showing me how to learn on my own. I am writing the GED next month and feel pretty confident I will pass." (mother returning to work)

"Just writing to tell you that I’ve finished my first year of law school – thanks to you I finally got the mark I needed on the LSAT." (law student)

"I was shocked when I learned I had to pass a test to get into the School of Media Arts – I thought I would never have to do math again after leaving high school." (applicant to broadcasting school)

"Thank you for helping me with chemistry all summer – I am definitely ready for my course this September." (Gr. 11 chemistry student)

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