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Voice Recognition

Voice recognition software is used to transform speech into written text on a computer – instantly and accurately. Programs such as Dragon Naturally Speaking© are growing in popularity with adults who suffer from, or who wish to prevent, repetitive strain injuries. It is also being used by people to write faster emails, navigate the Internet by voice, and write essays in school (voice recognition is three times as fast as typing). We offer training in the use of voice recognition at home, at work and in school. All training and technical support can be done remotely (over the Internet) if necessary.

We assess an individual’s potential to use voice recognition, including the quality of voice/accent and physical restrictions. For workplace assessments we analyze workflow routines, judge the compatibility of voice recognition with your custom software programs and check the existing hardware specifications. If voice recognition is needed for school, we make recommendations based on the writing and study skills required.

General Training
Proper training is essential to use voice recognition effectively. Training includes developing high dictation accuracy, moving between desktop windows and programs using voice commands, navigating the Internet, and using applications such as MS Word, Outlook and email.

Workplace Training
This is done on-site. We train clients to use voice recognition to perform all computer tasks with your custom software programs – quickly and accurately.

Training on Student Laptops
We train students to use voice recognition with laptop computers at school. Digital recordings can be made in the classroom and transcribed into text later, at home. The use of voice recognition with MS Word (for writing assignments), Internet and email is included.

Literacy and Job-Related
We train adults with low literacy levels to use voice recognition in order to work in occupations that require writing in an office setting or in the field, such as youth workers, recreation directors or occupational health and safety officers. Digital recordings can be made in the field and transcribed into text later, in an office setting.

Follow-Up Training
We assist clients who require a review of voice commands after a prolonged absence from using them, and to learn to operate new software applications with voice recognition.

Technical Support
We offer installation of voice recognition software and related application programs. Follow-up tech support is always available for hardware and software problems that hinder the efficient use of voice recognition at home, work or school. All tech support can be done remotely (over the Internet) if necessary.

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