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Writing and English

Our Philosophy for Teaching Writing

Writing does not come easy to many people. Our approach to writing instruction has proven successful with students of all ages and backgrounds. It relies on excellent teachers with many years’ experience teaching writing at all levels.

We believe in teaching a writing process that makes sense to each student and encourages writing practice along with positive feedback. Elements of writing such as sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling are included.

We offer a wide variety of writing programs, including basic writing skills, essay writing, writing for the GED, business communications, academic writing, writing for ESL students, and job-related writing.

Our Philosophy for Teaching Reading


Most students know that success in English depends on strong reading and writing skills. We emphasize the reading process, including all the strategies that students need to understand what they read, and all the thinking skills they need to analyze text material and interpret literature. Instruction in essay writing focuses on combining good reading skills (research) with the writing process.

We offer instruction for all levels, from basic literacy to high school English and college courses.

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